Festival volunteers

For and by colleagues

The special edition of NN North Sea Jazz was unique in many ways. Dozens of colleagues contributed to its success by volunteering in the organisation of the festival. This made it a festival for and by colleagues.

To all volunteers: leaders of the party buses, festival ambassadors, event planners, flyer distributors, vloggers, photographers, stage presenters, designers, quiz masters, logistics organisers, recruiters, SAM community managers, GDPR advisers, event registration system heroes, question answerers, parking ticket organisers, budget monitors, PO number and invoice fixers, risk managers, accreditation controllers, catering specialists, the core team and all other colleagues who contributed. Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to the organisation of this unforgettable evening!


The first volunteers to spring into action were our recruitment colleagues. They helped with the job vacancy descriptions, the vlog appeal and the selection of the festival volunteers.


The vloggers not only captured the festival on film, they were also out and about with their cameras often in the run-up to the special edition of the NN North Sea Jazz Festival. Thanks to the vloggers, everyone got into the festival spirit beforehand and got to enjoy it afterwards.

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Festival photographers

Three colleagues with a passion for photography brought the special edition to life. Thanks to them, this special festival has been immortalised in pictures. You can see a selection of their photos throughout the magazine.

    Festival ambassadors and event planners

    Thanks to our festival ambassadors and event planners, every effort was made to generate a festival atmosphere in the run-up to 11 July: flyers, lunch concerts and pub quizzes at various locations got people in the festival spirit before the big day. On the day itself, colleagues also helped at the entrance, so that the process of checking tickets ran as smoothly as possible.

    Party bus leaders

    Colleagues who volunteered as party bus leaders worked with FM colleagues to ensure that everything was in place so that the 25 buses could depart from 10 different office locations. They checked that everyone boarding the bus had a ticket and had left his/her laptop at the office. They made sure that there was a good atmosphere on the bus. These enthusiastic colleagues often organised entertainment during the journey, with a celebratory playlist or even a pub quiz on the way.

    Communication & activation

    Our communication colleagues ensured that everyone in the Netherlands was properly informed about this special invitation, was updated on the preparations and was aware of all the details, thanks to messages on SAM and TV screens, in email newsletters and stand-up meetings, departmental meetings and posters in the coffee areas.


    Perhaps the most exciting and toughest task during the special edition was announcing the artists. Six colleagues took their place in the spotlight in front of hundreds or even thousands of colleagues to introduce the next artist. ‘Give a warm welcome to… [APPLAUSE]!’

    Core team

    Organising a festival for thousands of colleagues from across the country involves a lot of hard work, creativity and dedication. The core team was fundamental to the success of the special edition. The core team was in charge of the programme, the catering, the logistics, the communication, the ticket registration, the emergency provisions and safety plans, the budget, the contracts, the insurance and all the other work needed for a festival of this scale.

    Crew special edition NN North Sea Jazz